Gilbert Simondon: Information, Communication, Technology

This is a series of articles that will serve as the basis for a book on the work of the French philosopher Gilbert Simondon (1924-1989). Simondon was one of the most important philosophers of the 20th century. The book will focus on his technical philosophies of information, communication, and technology.

A Black Art: Ontology, Data, and the Tower of Babel Problem

My dissertation examines how scientists persuade and reason with ontologies. It treats ontology construction as a communication problem among scientists who use heterogeneous sets of data. The first half of the dissertation explores the philosophical theories that inform scientific ontologies. The second half includes a couple of contemporary case studies.

Non-Users and Non-Participation

Articles based on survey data that I collected over the course of my PhD on non-users and non-participation. The focus is on voluntary non-use and non-participation as opposed to involuntary non-use and non-participation (digital divides, spirals of silence, etc.). I’m attempting to build policy recommendations based this research.

Engineering Ethics

This is an ongoing, multi-year research project on ethics training for engineers conducted at Purdue University. It is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. I serve as a research assistant, teaching assistant, and consultant. Most of my involvement centers on qualitative data analysis and building online teaching modules.

Cybernetics and the Origin of Information

I’m translating Raymond Ruyer’s 1954 book La cybernétique et l’origine de l’information.

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