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Raymond Ruyer’s Cybernetics and the Origin of Information

I am going to begin, at a much slower pace than the other Simondon related translations, a translation of Raymond Ruyer’s Cybernetics and the Origin of Information. I think this is an important text, and there should be a lot more interest in it in the coming years as Simondon translations are eventually made available. […]

Translation – “Is not all creation a transgression?” – Gilbert Simondon Interview (1983) “Save the Technical Object”

SAVE THE TECHNICAL OBJECT Interview with Gilbert Simondon Translated by Andrew Iliadis The following is an English translation of a 1983 interview that Simondon gave to the French magazine Esprit (Esprit 76:147-52. 04/1983). [Simondon makes references to a variety of individuals here, including Ducrocq, Maxwell, DuMont, Illich, Stephenson, and Faraday. Albert Ducrocq was a French […]

Translation – Gilbert Simondon’s On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects (Table of Contents + Introduction)

ON THE MODE OF EXISTENCE OF TECHNICAL OBJECTS Gilbert Simondon Translated by Andrew Iliadis ———————————————————————————– TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION FIRST PART Genesis and Evolution of Technical Objects Chapter One. Genesis of the Technical Object: The Process of Concretization Abstract Technical Object and Concrete Technical Object Conditions of Technical Evolution Rhythm of Technical Progress; Minor Continuing […]