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Mechanology: Machine Typologies and the Birth of Philosophy of Technology in France (1932-1958)

My article on mechanology was just published in the latest issue of Systema. It’s a short article and focuses on a movement in the history of philosophy that was in many ways a failed project and a missed opportunity to create a new field for the philosophical study and science of machines. I address the […]

Wear Me: Art | Technology | Body

Next week I’ll be giving a talk at the Wear Me: Art | Technology | Body curated art exhibit and small academic symposium which will be hosted by the Decimal Lab and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. My paper is “Re-Ontologizing the Body: Data and Wearable Personal Status Monitoring (PSM) Devices” and takes […]

Two Examples of Concretization

I have a short article in a new special issue of Platform: Journal of Media and Communication (Vol. 6) on Gilbert Simondon: Media and Technics. It’s a brief paper entitled “Two Examples of Concretization” and it looks at concretization, Simondon’s famous example of the Guimbal turbine, and the more modern example of so-called ‘dirty’ planar […]

Notes on Simondon’s Sur la technique (1953-1983)

Sur la technique (1953-1983) is a collection of texts on the philosophy and ethics of technology by Gilbert Simondon (1924-1989). Collected here for the first time are Simondon’s detailed texts on technics and related topics, including papers on the relationship of technology with ethics, economy, ecology, eschatology, human progress, education, aesthetics, and film. Beginning with […]

Latour on Simondon: An Inquiry into Modes of Existence

Bruno Latour’s new book is An Inquiry into Modes of Existence (Harvard, 2013). It is a massive text at over 500 pages and is supposed to be a kind of sequel to one of his most well-known (and shorter) books, We have Never Been Modern (Harvard, 1991). It is divided into 3 parts and 16 […]