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Two Examples of Concretization

I have a short article in a new special issue of Platform: Journal of Media and Communication (Vol. 6) on Gilbert Simondon: Media and Technics. It’s a brief paper entitled “Two Examples of Concretization” and it looks at concretization, Simondon’s famous example of the Guimbal turbine, and the more modern example of so-called ‘dirty’ planar […]

Edublog Awards Nominations 2013 – Best Group Blog – Figure/Ground

The Edublog Awards Nominations 2013 are happening now and I would like to formally nominate the following: Best Group Blog – Figure/Ground Communication (Laureano Ralon) Figure/Ground has come a long way and is produced by a number of talented contributors. They continually provide valuable information about events as well as in-depth scholarly and artist interviews.