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Big Data – Comparative Review in Communication Booknotes Quarterly

My comparative review on Big Data was just published in the latest issue of Communication Booknotes Quarterly (Volume 46, Issue 2, 2015 ). It’s a review of two books, Luciano Floridi’s The Ethics of Information (Oxford, 2013) and Rob Kitchin’s The Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Data Infrastructures and Their Consequences (Sage, 2014). I […]

Philosophy of Information reading group on reddit

In case you are interested, there is a Philosophy of Information reading group on reddit. They will be going through one chapter each week from Luciano Floridi’s book The Philosophy of Information (2011). Today was the first chapter (What is the Philosophy of Information?). Next week will be the second chapter (Open Problems in the […]

The Philosophy of Information: An Introduction

I am very pleased to announce that Version 1.0 for 2013 of our Introduction to the Philosophy of Information is now available as a pdf. My thanks to Luciano Floridi and Phyllis Illari for including me in the project. You may find the official announcement at the SPI website. Find a direct link to the […]

Philosophers of Information, Fifth Workshop of PI, University of Hertfordshire, 27-28 March, 2013.

Philosophers of Information, Fifth Workshop of PI, University of Hertfordshire, 27-28 March, 2013. I have just arrived back from the Fifth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information that was organized for the Society for the Philosophy of Information. All of the presentations were brilliant and I learned a great deal about information from multiple perspectives, […]

Fifth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information Program

I am extremely excited to be speaking at the Fifth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information next month along with Luciano Floridi. Find the program below. Program Central Committee Room, MacLaurin Building, University of Hertfordshire Wednesday 27 March 2013 9:00 9:15 Welcome, Tea, Coffee 9:15 10:00 Sabina Leonelli (Exeter), Data integration and the management of […]

What is Information Artifact Ontology?

What is Information Artifact Ontology? There are two fields I’d like to talk about here. Both contribute to the field of Information Artifact Ontology (IAO), which I consider a sub-field of Philosophy of Information (PI). IAO is concerned with the informational genesis of technological objects. The first, and in many ways more traditional field, comes […]

Apps and Affect conference @ University of Western Ontario

I received news yesterday that I will presenting at this conference at the University of Western Ontario next October, hosted by the Faculty of Information and Media Studies and the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism (where I was thiiiis close to doing my Masters). Really glad to hear it too because it […]