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Book Review: Jean-François Lyotard’s Why Philosophize?

Weird how some things come out all at the same time (and book reviews no less!). If you’re interested in Lyotard, my review of the newly released English translation of his Why Philosophize? was just published in Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review. It’s behind a pay wall, unfortunately. The takeaway? The book is interesting in that […]

Two Examples of Concretization

I have a short article in a new special issue of Platform: Journal of Media and Communication (Vol. 6) on Gilbert Simondon: Media and Technics. It’s a brief paper entitled “Two Examples of Concretization” and it looks at concretization, Simondon’s famous example of the Guimbal turbine, and the more modern example of so-called ‘dirty’ planar […]

French and Analytic Philosophy in the 20th Century

I’ll be in Paris at the Université de Paris Ouest (Nanterre La Défense) from roughly June 22 – June 27 (and then hanging around until July 6) participating in a seminar on French Philosophy and Analytic Philosophy in the 20th Century. The Partner University Fund (PUF), a program of the French American Cultural Exchange, has awarded […]