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Book Symposium on Le concept d’information dans la science contemporaine

I’m happy to announce that our Book Symposium on Le concept d’information dans la science contemporaine has just been published online at the journal homepage of Philosophy & Technology. Many thanks to Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, Jean-Hugues Barthélémy, Marc J. de Vries, and especially Nathalie Simondon for contributing to the volume. Link: PDF: Book Symposium […]

Book Review: Jean-François Lyotard’s Why Philosophize?

Weird how some things come out all at the same time (and book reviews no less!). If you’re interested in Lyotard, my review of the newly released English translation of his Why Philosophize? was just published in Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review. It’s behind a pay wall, unfortunately. The takeaway? The book is interesting in that […]

Big Data – Comparative Review in Communication Booknotes Quarterly

My comparative review on Big Data was just published in the latest issue of Communication Booknotes Quarterly (Volume 46, Issue 2, 2015 ). It’s a review of two books, Luciano Floridi’s The Ethics of Information (Oxford, 2013) and Rob Kitchin’s The Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Data Infrastructures and Their Consequences (Sage, 2014). I […]

Latour on Simondon: An Inquiry into Modes of Existence

Bruno Latour’s new book is An Inquiry into Modes of Existence (Harvard, 2013). It is a massive text at over 500 pages and is supposed to be a kind of sequel to one of his most well-known (and shorter) books, We have Never Been Modern (Harvard, 1991). It is divided into 3 parts and 16 […]

The Uprising – Review by Andrew Iliadis – Marx & Philosophy Review of Books

I reviewed Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s newest book for Marx & Philosophy Review of Books. Find a PDF of the review here. []