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Two Examples of Concretization

I have a short article in a new special issue of Platform: Journal of Media and Communication (Vol. 6) on Gilbert Simondon: Media and Technics. It’s a brief paper entitled “Two Examples of Concretization” and it looks at concretization, Simondon’s famous example of the Guimbal turbine, and the more modern example of so-called ‘dirty’ planar […]

French and Analytic Philosophy in the 20th Century

I’ll be in Paris at the Université de Paris Ouest (Nanterre La Défense) from roughly June 22 – June 27 (and then hanging around until July 6) participating in a seminar on French Philosophy and Analytic Philosophy in the 20th Century. The Partner University Fund (PUF), a program of the French American Cultural Exchange, has awarded […]